Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Synod On Synodality Is Satanic Heresy

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Pretending a predetermined outcome is a democratic moment in the Church isn’t Catholic, its evil.




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One thought on “Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Synod On Synodality Is Satanic Heresy

  1. ” . . insulting Catholics as ‘ideologues’ [ by Francis ] . . the true
    ideologues [speaking ONLY from political opinion, and NOT from
    the “rigid” Deposit of Faith ] are the leaders of the Synod . . ” the
    synodalistas. This is more gaslighting, blackballing opponents
    with the spiritual cancer rotting their OWN bones. A very Marxist
    thing to do. See Exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger’s 47 short videos
    on the psychology and tactics of Demons and Communists.

    So, Anthony, is Bishop Schneider correct? Your podcast headline
    says it best, flagging the Synod as “Satanic Heresy”.

    Earlier this year —the day, week, or month matters less than the
    state of souls AND of the Hierarchy —the same Fr. Ripperger
    (correct me if wrong) and others labelled Holy Communions
    received without first Confessing grave sin as MASS SACRILEGE.
    Fr. John Hardon, SJ, had implied it far earlier from the evidence
    —without breaking the Seal! —grave sins Confessed and NOT

    We move —and consequently live —in an automobile-based
    culture, averaging speeds (literally and symbolically) of 70mph
    or more on freeways. Combine that with the FASTER speed
    of INSTANT communication. Within this context any slick
    ne’er-do-well (in Media, Civil, & Ecclesial Office) can derail
    the mostly ignorant Faithful from the “faith” they think they
    are living. “We haven’t taught the Catechism for over half a
    century,” to quote one Bishop some several months ago.

    The mass Faithlessness surely traces back to the 1100
    young men —”without Faith and Morals” —who Bella Dodd
    confesses, to Bishop Sheen, to have gotten into Catholic
    Seminaries, “Papa Joe” Staling being the Evil Genius
    behind THAT sure-fire destructive historical trajectory!

    Archbishop Cordileone is right on in his belated attempts

    PUBLIS DISPLAYS of the Faith —Eucharistic Processions —
    have ALWAYS been of the back-bone of the Church’s lived
    Faith. In Communist Poland Father Wojtyla (Bishop?) did
    public parades honouring Poland’s Queen and Patroness,
    Our Lady of Czestochowa . . using ONLY her picture FRAME,
    decorated by streamers, flowers, and accompanied by
    acolytes with lit candles. But everyone knew it their Queen
    and Patroness.

    Secularists, who live in a state of darkness and/or of grave
    sin, CANNOT know the REAL connection to REAL Heaven
    during such processions. So, it befits us (weakened and
    way-laid) Catholics to crush human respect and unabashedly
    welcome and honour Christ our Eucharistic K I N G !

    Kudos to Archbishop Cordileone for having RE-discovered
    REAL “Royal Gold”.


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