Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Evil Campaign Against Sacred Tradition and the Faith Will Fail

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Some encouraging words from Bishop Schneider to start the week off.


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  2. Heretic Bishops Threaten Schism If They Don't Get Their Way
  3. Francis Just Seized Control Of The Most Important Catholic Charity
  4. Remember The North American Martyrs | Pius XII
  5. Malachi Martin: A Fake Sister Lucia Was Used To Bury The Fatima Message


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Bishop Varden

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One thought on “Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Evil Campaign Against Sacred Tradition and the Faith Will Fail

  1. Greeting Anthony,
    In light of several of your recent Podcast/Commentaries, I also just this evening came across this
    very illuminating article from “Gloria Día” On the question of a heretical pope
    March 28, 2019 Bishop Athanasius Schneider. A really outstanding exposition of the Papacy, the Papal Magisterium and in particular the treatment of a ‘Heretical Pope” which raises many questions especially during this Pontificate of Francis. Indeed their is much that the Faithful Laity can and must do in particular we must Pray and Pray ardently, ceaselessly for this Pope and enlist such other Bishops, Priest and laypersons to submit their prayerful “Corrections” to his false teachings visa vie; The Dubai, & to those living in adulteries being admitted to the Eucharist,
    the recent letter towards the ‘absolution of The Latin Mass, (the mass of the ages), while he didn’t mention the Pachamama Idolatry(it certainly was implied) along with a whole host of others disregard for the Sacred Tradition. Appropriately he identified the Oath of Office of which the Pope’s are required to take upon election and even Publicly if I understood Bishop Schneider remarks on this significant issue, which is completely new to me. Anyway, I thought that this article would be useful for you in future Podcast dealing the the Pontificate of Francis.
    Also really appreciate your structure and style with your work.
    All the best, Good Strength & may our Saviour continue to enlighten your work for the benefit of we the faithful.
    Thomas, member,


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