Bishop Athanasius Schneider Said WHAT About Sedevacantists?!

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Schneider continues to surprise people with his opinions of the traditional Catholicism movement.




Talking Sedevacantism with an SSPX Lay Kahuna

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3 thoughts on “Bishop Athanasius Schneider Said WHAT About Sedevacantists?!

  1. I agree with Anthony’s assessment. The SSPX has compromised to some of the demands of modernist Rome. Although, the superior general of the society has recently criticized the Vatican II Documents as contradicting the traditional deposit of the faith. Sedevacantists are truly closer than the orthodox, I agree. For in the end, this I merely a theological opinion about the legitimacy of the papacy.

  2. Wow! . . this almost amounts to splitting aberrational “hairs”. Since, Anthony, you throw us onto
    our PERSONAL conclusions and opinions, and fully admitting that I am not the source, summit,
    and foundation of Ecclesial Truth(s) —Christ was, is, and remains so ’til time is no more —my
    first question to myself is: “What does THE CHURCH teach?” . . which instantly sends us to
    study (yes, STUDY!) Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, Sacred Magisterial Teaching, the Wisdom of the Saints. A LIFETIME project and commitment, putting “On Hold” all current dis-
    cussions re. legitimacy, authority, and the like. Bishop Athanasius obviously (in my own hearing)
    treats and regards ALL members of bodies in, or half-in-out, or out of the Church a Brothers in
    Christ, i.e. with Charity. Not a bad “sine qua non”.
    Meantime, we can assist at Mass and receive the Sacraments . . for my wife and I, the Personal Ordinairiate of the Chair of St.Peter [ Pope Benedict XVI, 2009 . . the “Anglican”
    Ordinariate [ under Bishop Lopes, Texas ] who offer the SARUM RITE Catholic Mass [ traces
    back to 11th C. Salisbury Diocese, England . . and earlier. Cramner translated the then-CATHOLIC traditional Latin Mass into English, intact. Mass is offered “ad orientem”, Holy Communion received kneeling at the Altar rail . . paten under the chin ‘n all. NO ONE touches
    the Sacred Species but the Priest! Full Liturgical vestments. Altar BOYS/ MEN in in traditional
    cassock and surplice.


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