Bishop Athanasius Schneider On The Validity Of The Papacy Of Francis

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7 thoughts on “Bishop Athanasius Schneider On The Validity Of The Papacy Of Francis

  1. Bergolio clearly wasn’t a member of the Catholic Church prior to his shame election and said election didn’t make him a Catholic. The rules lade out by JPII and taken up again by Benedict gives a time limit to the cardinals. If they fail in their duties or wait to long the obligation falls to the clergy of Rome.
    This is in keeping with the tradition of the Church of Rome. Cardinals are given honorary status as clerics of Rome thus their picking the next pope is just an extension of the near two thousand year tradition in Rome.
    Clerical status before the non binding pastoral council of the 60s was bestowed with Tonsure. So even if we go with the sedes that we haven’t had a pope since 1958 there are still clerics in the Roman church who can pick the next pope. Who picks the next pope then is covered.
    Loss of jurisdiction and invalid appointments though gravely disturbing and damaging are not in them selves unknown to the Church. Reference the various tumults in the east were large areas were being administered by heretics who illegitimately gained office and there various actions were later declared null and without force. Again even if we go with the sede position of no pope since 58. That leaves the last place in the Roman rite with valid jurisdiction being the Clerics of Rome who have the power to appoint the new pontiff and thus restore order.
    Visibility is not the same as easy access. When the Church was in the catacomes the Church wasn’t exactly publicly visible. When most of the bishops were Arian and Athanasius had to hide to avoid martyrdom and minister to the flock in secret. The church wasn’t easy for the intellect to access it certainly wasn’t physically easy to access. One day your bishop says begotten of the father means Christ is not on the same level as God the Father. What do you do your not a cleric philosopher or anything analogues to a theologian. Visible means it can be got at not that you can get it easily. The Church remains visible even in an extended Sedevacante so long as we know were to go to get the teachings of the Church and we know were to go to get more hierarchy. IE the past pronouncements of the church and the clergy of Rome.
    All the answers to the objections he brings up are simple and accessible but their all scary and sad. Even his tone when referring to sedes gives it away. No body wants to be a sede even most sedes don’t want to be sedes, but we are all sedes now. The crux now is do you want to avoid being a sede more than you want to be faithful to Christ and his Church.

    1. ” . . but we are all sedes now.” Not sure about that. Good thing this is an opinion column and not “From the Chair”
      which, from the perspective of “Visibility”, IS occupied . . by a very, very bad “Pope”, an interloper really. When one
      affixes this state of Church affairs to the Theological certainty of “Christ conquered death WITH DEATH”, it dawns
      on the Believer that “ya cain’t kill the Saviour again!”. That’s a “once and for all time, from Time’s beginning up to and
      including Time’s final ‘tick-tock’.” We can re-Crucify Him, mystically. The events of the centuries are evidence for that.
      Survey says: if ALL of recorded history were divided into years of peace v.s. wars, 14 years would end up peace
      filled. The rest? . . wars of one kind or another . . ’cause, well, uh, there’s yer World yer Flesh and yer Devil(s).

      However, “The gates of Hell shall not PREVAIL against (the Church)” is the PERPETUAL, EVERLASTING fruit of
      the Incarnation, the Redemption, and the Resurrection.

      Therefore, let us CONTINUE to “Pray. Hope . . and DON’T worry!” (Padre St.Pio)

      Good thing this is just an opinion!

  2. Erudite commentary but he really doesn’t answer the question at hand. I am not a sedevacantist. I do want to bring to your attention a very recent video from the Fatima Center by Julie Meloni, a traditional Catholic author, on this topic because she speaks about Benedict and gives valid reasons as to why he is still the only valid pope. I have not heard any of the hierarchy, including Bishop A. Schneider, broach the issue of Francis’ validity in this way other than Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga whom I consider a true and faithful Catholic archbishop. In reference to Bishop A. Schneider’s commentary on this topic, I take issue w/his focus on the possible consequences of NOT condoning Francis as the one true Vicar of Christ. For me this was just his way of eliminating many of the numerous examples of Francis’ speech and behavior over these past nine years which indicate that he is definitely NOT the Vicar of Christ.

    1. Please provide link to the recent Julia Meloni video, or summarize the “valid reasons” given there, as well as
      Archbishop Lenga using the same reasoning re. Francis’ validity.

      As for ” . . his way of eliminating many of the numerous examples of Francis’ speech and behaviour . . ”
      through his Pontificate, showing Francis is “DEFINITELY” not a true Pope: again, please provide Julie
      Melonie’s and Archbishop Lenga’s reasoning.

      Mr. Stine has given sufficient historical background for evidence that at least on (true) Pope was a heretic, and
      two of the three whom St.Catherine of Siena tried to sort out were anti-Popes. Maybe Francis is an “anti-Pope”.
      Then there’s the famous Medici Pope (Alex. VI?) who’s “life-style” was rife with scandals. The point being, only
      ONE man may occupy the Chair of Peter . . which Bishop Atnanasius also points out.

      There is Something about Reality of the “THE CHAIR” of St.Peter which goes far beyond the current Pope
      (whether true, or anti, or wise, or dumb, or “interloper”) sitting in it. Each Vicar —a term and a role which
      Francis refuses to apply to himself —REPRESENTS Christ here and now on earth. Christ Himself REMAINS
      the Head, fully Holy and Spotless. St.Catherine of Siena always calls Him the SWEET CHRIST. And each
      Pope will have to face THIS “Sweet Christ” come the moment of Judgement after they breathe their last.
      Boys-oh-boys!! . . will they rejoice with their Lord and Master —as I’m sure Ven. Pius XII did —or freeze up
      into a big icicle out of sheer terror in front of “the Truth, the Way, and the Life”?

  3. Elsewhere, Pope Francis has promoted devotion to “Our Lady, Untier of Knots”, he himself being a devotee. So . . .
    let us —the Lay Faithful, the Church Militant, people of Good Will —place ourselves before Our Lady under this title:

    “Blessed MOTHER, untier of knots, pray for us, sinners, and for the Church, we who seem so inextricably
    trapped in the unravelled string of endless political intrigue. Extract us from our uncurbed passions and blinding, unyielding preferences. Place us back on the path of humble, Truth-seeking reasoning, so well-displayed by the auxiliary Bishop from Astana, Kazahkstan.”

    1. POSTSCRIPT: “On December 8, 1953, the Holy Father ( Ven. Pius XII ) opened up the Marian Year (1954) in
      the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. The route to this greatest Marian Shrine in Rome and the World led
      through For him, the great venerator of Our Lady this was a great joy. The route through the Piazza di Spagna,
      where the car stopped and Pius XII recited aloud the prayers he had written for the Marian Year while the
      crowd of many thousands stood in reverent silence. From her tall column the Immaculate Virgin lookd down
      on her so loyally devoted son, who did every he could to honour and glorify her . . amid the (now) ringing
      cheers of the population of Rome and all the pilgrims; the whole city seemed to have been transformed into
      a sea of light in praise of the Queen of Heaven and Earth. UNDISMAYED BY THE CRITICISM OF AN UN-
      BELIEVING WORLD, Pius XII had opened the Jubilee Year . . to bring people closer to Christ THROUGH
      MARY”  —His Humble Servant, ch. 10 “The Marian Year and Further Illness”/ Sr. M Pascalina Lehnert.

      A truly Petrine Catholic Pope, in the footsteps of the first, St. Peter.

      Do we dare await another such Pope in our lifetime? Whether “yes” or “no” . . or “maybe”, let us receive and
      accept the current dark cloud ( of Unknowing?) as the “penance! penance! penance!” which both we Laity
      and Hierarchy WOEFULLY fell short of.


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