Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Francis’ Synod Is A Danger To The Faith

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Bishop Schneider gives an eye opening interview to Catholic Family News wherein he tells us that the entire Synodal process and relationship between the bishops and the papacy are completely alien to Catholicism.





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One thought on “Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Francis’ Synod Is A Danger To The Faith

  1. I dunno, but, more and more, Bishop Athanasius (Schneider) is turning out TO BE MUCH LIKE his name sake, St.Athanasius, who lived at a time when THE WHOLE WORLD “woke up” Arian, with the oft’ exiled Saint doggedly defending the Divinity of Christ and related Orthodoxy. Today, when much of the Church —aping the World —seems to have blindly “awakened to” de facto Modernism, our Bishop Athanasius has been given the Wisdom to PRECISELY “unpack” those Modernist errors by which the current occupier of St.Peter’s Chair is mis-representing
    Christ and mis-guiding His Church. “Frankie”s trajectory” clearly points to a false christ and
    a false church . . . the Ecclesial version of a “Woke” church.
    So, Anthony, nicely and astutely unpacked!
    And, “Thank you!”


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