Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah Stoke Outrage With New Book

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This story is changing almost constantly. There are a lot of bad people attacking Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah in the name of the pope, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah Stoke Outrage With New Book

  1. Since the book impinges on the Liberal agenda my guess is it will be only of interest to orthodox and traditional Catholics. It will also, if history is a guide, will receive little notice in the MSM.

  2. Those defending our Traditional Beliefs will find it hard here on earth, but believe me my friend, through their resistance, they have already paved their way into Heaven, the rest of us that feel the same, will follow, this is God’s promise to us, and he will never let us down. Good day and thank you for posting the truth, something much needed for our souls, Alda


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