Benedict Reacts To Traditionis Custodes

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We now know the opinion of the retired pontiff’s on the destruction of his landmark accomplishment.


"The Church Is Ruled By Tyrants!" Persecuted Nuns Speak Out Return To Tradition

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Bishop Schneider with Steve Bannon

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One thought on “Benedict Reacts To Traditionis Custodes

  1. Of course Pope Francis was going to get rid of the Latin Mass. I started to really believe this back in 2019 when he suspended the Coalition Ecclesia Dei. Some of my friends thought this was possible after his election, there had been rumors around that once Pope Benedict died he would up end Summorum Pontificum.

    However, Pope Benedict hasn’t died on Francis’ time table so he moved it up. The pope is 84 years old and has some health issues. Best get his agenda out there before he kicks the bucket.


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