VIDEO: Pope Francis Is At It Again

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VIDEO: Idaho Predator Priest and Satanism

Obviously, I omitted some details in my video, including this priest bragging about urinating in communion wine and the like. If you have any links to stories about satanism in the Catholic clergy or in the political elite,  please email them to me at: Video: Sources:

Videos Over (My) Christmas Break

I’ll be leaving for a family visit for Christmas on the morning of December 18th, not to return until the 28th. I’ve made a few videos that I’ve scheduled to upload over several of the days of that period. I’ll be able to respond to comments when I have the time, barring technical difficulties withContinue reading “Videos Over (My) Christmas Break”

VIDEO: New Calls Emerge For An Independent Investigation Come From Within The Church

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From the Personal Archives: The Obsession With Power

This is an article I wrote on my secular blog 3 years ago tomorrow. At that time I ran two blogs no one read, one secular and one Catholic. If you’re curious about the madness you see in the secular political world, this may help. — Anthony — The Obsession With Power The Special SnowflakesContinue reading “From the Personal Archives: The Obsession With Power”

VIDEO: Synodalism Update: Let’s Not Sing A New Church

Video: Sources: Obispo estadounidense nombra a una mujer jefa de una Parroquia, con «el mismo poder que cualquier cura…»