Video: Cardinal Cupich Punishes Faithful Priest

Video Sources Chicago Priest Who Burned Gay Flag Flees after Archdiocese Threatened With Forcible Removal

Video: Vigano Is Right To Fear For His Life

He’s right to be afraid   Video Sources The unsolved murder of Fr. Alfred Kunz    

Video: The (Alleged) Crimes Of Pope Francis 2: The Argentine Connection

I really, really would rather this stuff not be true.   Video   sources:  

Video: The Crisis In The Church: Follow The Money

Video     Sources Sex, Money, Clericalism & The Papal Foundation / Click to access The_IDI_Hospital_Summary_(1)_Redacted.pdf Archbishop Fails Upwards In Wine Country

Video: The (Alleged) Crimes of Pope Francis

Probably a part 1 of who knows how many, to be honest. In charity I say ‘alleged’ because this could be all some vast right wing conspiracy against the Pope loved by the World. I guess.   Video Sources