Article From The Personal Archives: The Catholic Answer To The Abuse Of Power

A piece I wrote some time ago for Crisis Magazine:   The accumulation and exercise of power is on the rise in public life. The secular culture is obsessed with power, especially the universities and those institutions most directly influenced by them, including the media, even local government, and, sadly, service-oriented non-profit organizations. Corporations are also …

Video: The St. Gallen Mafia

To be distinguished from the Lavender Mafia. Video: Sources   The Anti-Benedict Conspiracy Vatican Press Director Denies Papal Election Details in New Book

Video: The Vatican Appoints A Familiar Face to Head Abuse Summit

Video   Sources India cardinal to bring up case of bishop accused of rape with Vatican Scicluna: Don’t look to youth synod for answers on abuse crisis /    

The True And False Meaning of ‘Social Justice’ (CRISIS MAGAZINE August 2016)

This article first appeared online in Crisis Magazine. — APS, RtT — American universities used to be a place where difficult ideas were encountered and built in biases challenged. The universities, an inspiration from the Catholic Church, were the home of diverse ideas that were meant to inspire wisdom in students in addition to the learning …