Bishops Demand The Vatican Put A Stop To Rampant Heresy

Not that Rome will listen, of course. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Catholic Leaders Make Radical Proposal To Save The Faith

The Church must resist Francis and the Modernists, even if it means consecrating more bishops without Rome’s approval. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis Debases The Greatest Catholic Minds Of All Time

Aquinas’ theology was rigid and apparently that’s a bad thing. Sources:

Cardinal Zen Betrayed By Francis & Apostate Rome

Francis wants the Church to be cozy with Beijing and its dictator, regardless of the cost in human life and souls. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: https://www.

Priests Admit They Suffer Because Of Francis (and How Catholic Universities Were Destroyed)

Two fer Saturday. How Catholic Universities Were Destroyed: YouTube: Spotify: Sources: Priests Admit They Suffer Because Of Francis YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Francis’ Demonic Endgame For Replacing Catholicism With The Religion Of Man

Sorry for the late post. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

Bishops Of Belgium Kick Off The Apostasy In Flamboyant Style

Not only did they endorse ‘loyal homosexual unions,’ they created a Mass setting for blessing said unions. YouTube: Spotify: Sources:

The American Bishops Just Proved The Apostasy Is Here

The USCCB just released its Synodal report for the Church in America. It’s as bad as you think, if not worse. YouTube: Spotify: Sources: