Francis Announces That He Will Do The Fatima Consecration & Big Conclave News

It better be done in union with all the bishops of the world or it won’t work. Just like the last five times popes have consecrated Russia without following heaven’s explicit and simple instructions. It isn’t hard. Video Audio Sources HEAVEN’S REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA https: //

Francis Expels Bishop For Refusing To Submit To Evil

Bishop Daniel Torrest of Puerto Rico was the only bishop in that conference of bishops who refused to submit to the biochemical tyranny and Modernism, and now he is being punished for his fidelity to Christ. Video: Audio: Sources:

Bishop Athanasius Schneider Said WHAT About Sedevacantists?!

Schneider continues to surprise people with his opinions of the traditional Catholicism movement. Video: Audio: Sources: Talking Sedevacantism with an SSPX Lay Kahuna

German Bishops Demands That The Church Change The Faith To Embrace Sodo-Heresy

I think they reveal far more about themselves and their inclinations than they intend by so vocally demanding heretical change. Video: Audio: Sources: https://www.

Francis Is Coming For Traditional Seminarians

They like to tell us their plans just before major holy days and holy liturgical seasons. Video: Audio: Sources: