Satanic Catechism Changes

Is anyone surprised by this? Just stick with a preconciliar catechism. YouTube Spotify Sources https://www.

They Embraced Satan: German Church Goes Off The Rails

One of the participants literally said that they needed to smash the patriarchy. Video Spotify Sources

The Enemies Of Christ Are Coming For The Seal Of Confession

Because of course they are. They’ve been trying for years. YouTube Spotify Sources

Demonic Sacrilege Committed By Bishop In Direct Insult To Christ

Austrian Bishop Glettler is back, with an even more disgusting piece of “Lenten” art than last year. YouTube Spotify Sources

Holy Bishop Warns The Church That The Synod Is Poisoning The Faith

Bishop Schneider will never get a promotion. Not under Francis. YouTube Spotify Sources

A Pachamama Paganized Mass? Bishops Ask Francis To Make It Happen

Because why not at this point, right? YouTube Spotify Sources

The War Of Words Between Bishop Paprocki & Cardinal McElroy Heats Up

And surprise, surprise: the Modernists were worked up into a lather over Bishop Paprocki’s truthful statements. YouTube Spotify Sources