Guest Submission: Getting Real About Anti-Catholicism

Disclaimer: Guest submissions are the opinion of the author and do not reflect those of the editor or staff of this site. by Rafael Perez In this day and age social media is a place where things can get hot between people. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have caused riffs between once good and trustedContinue reading “Guest Submission: Getting Real About Anti-Catholicism”

Podcast: The Death of Natacha Jaitt and the Allegations Against Gustavo Vera

An explosive story has emerged from Argentina involving Pope Francis, a dead (former) “adult” film star, and one of Francis’s close allies. It’s potentially huge and worth paying attention to. But also caution must be exercised moving forward in reviewing this story.

Cardinals Burke and Brandmuller Issue Statement Against #Sodoclericalism

Yes, I borrowed that hashtag/term from Father Z. It’s a brilliant term that summarizes the issue in one word. And it’s true: the Church is engaging in a form sodoclericalism, or the practice of protecting priests who live the Bay Area Lifestyle at all costs. Coming from the same crowd that condemns what they callContinue reading “Cardinals Burke and Brandmuller Issue Statement Against #Sodoclericalism”

Guest Submission: Terrible News

Editor’s Note: Guest editorials/articles are the opinion of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions or positions of the staff of this w by Trevor Morrison Terrible News: For those of us who regularly attend the Traditional Latin Mass, I have some terrible news. It has recently come to my attention that theContinue reading “Guest Submission: Terrible News”