Archbishop Vigano: The Way To Defeat Diabolic Forces In The Church & The World

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Vigano with a letter aimed at the Italian people but it is definitely relevant to the rest of us.




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One thought on “Archbishop Vigano: The Way To Defeat Diabolic Forces In The Church & The World

  1. Truly a man of History and of the Economy of Salvation, Archbishop
    Viganò, Thank you for posting all of it, Anthony. I hope to return to it
    for quiet study.

    ” . . it is even more difficult for us, who live in a secularized world in
    which even Religion is made profane by its Ministers, to understand
    how NORMAL it was (even 200 years ago), to live in a deeply
    Christian society, where the Faith inspired every aspect of daily life .. ”

    ” . . to understand how our ancestors lived BEFORE Freemasonry
    decided to overthrow . . Kingdoms through . . uprisings . . ”

    In our former Italian Parish of St. Mary’s (London, Ontario . . BEFORE
    the Globalist Covid “Scam”demic) this Catholic CULTURE still
    existed: the annual Feast of Our Lady (of Mount Carmel), with the
    Parish brass band leading a parade from the church around four
    city blocks; games and food on the parish parking lot; hosting the
    feast of the Divine Mercy annually in a big way!; Pastor, parishioners
    maintaining and inviting all around to take part in 24 hr. Eucharistic
    Adoration set up in the Chapel. Yes, St. Mary’s DID help the faithful
    to connect everyday events to THEIR lived Faith! As the Aruchbishop
    says: ” . . life marked by the rhythms of nature, highlighted by
    religious festivals and family and community events, marked by
    stability and made firm by ties of kinship, friendship and business .. ”

    All that actually DID exist!

    But now we’re called on to a lot MORE to counter act ” .. Christ
    must removed from minds, after tearing Him our of hearts .. ”
    in an all-out war against the City of Satan, “which you have the
    burden and honour of translating into social action :1/ PROCLAIM
    Christ as King. 2/ do so in our ACTIONS, ” .. with the help of
    prayer we can implore many graces from the Divine Majesty .. ”
    3/ do so through our
    actions AS CATHOLICS, ” .. with actions of formation, denunciation,
    and boycott .. as Catholics we have sufficient. numbers to give a
    clear and strong signal to those companies . . financial groups . .
    information management centres that LIVE thanks to the customers
    who choose them.” 4/ using our purchasing power as Catholics
    TO ENACT CHANGE ” .. If we start NOT buying products from
    Globalist Multi-Nationals, system-aligned companies, television
    programs or social platforms THAT DO NOT RESPECT OUR
    RELIGION, we force many to retrace their steps and complicate
    the propaganda of the New World Order, the lies of the Mainstream
    Media, and the falsifications on [ current international crises ]”.
    5/ In short, “the necessary deployments are being formed .. ”
    ” .. so that many souls thirsting for God are willing to fight and
    to commit to ensuring a peaceful future for their children, and


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