Another Group Of Nuns Smashed By Francis Ruthlessly

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What kind of person goes after nuns?




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5 thoughts on “Another Group Of Nuns Smashed By Francis Ruthlessly

  1. Most Loved Anthony,

    The “key” is His Real Presence . Religious , who focus like a laser on Jesus , will be contemplative . They will enjoy His Holy Spirit and The Father’s Blessings. God’s Will , to those that listen, to those that follow, do they need Rome ? For what ? A piece of paper which states they’re “approved” to worship as Rome gives the legalisms to be ?

    How about a good news story ? Despite all the challenges I hear the Trinirians of Mary are standing strong . Jesus has sustained them in their contehmplative prayer and the Blessed Mother has crushed the snakes head by her heel on their behalf . St.Michael has brought his sword down upon the Tiajuana Bishop and Cardinal McElroy ( defeating the demons which whisper in their ears ) . Mother Lillie has been vindicated .

    Time for you to research the story and give some follow – up . The laity should be offered an opportunity to know God’s miracles given by their prayers – the laity deserves the opportunity to share in any celebration they might announce.

    The Spirit informs me Mother Lillie is being given back her confiscated monastery in Tecate Mexico and her exile to San Diego is over . Cardinal McElroy, who is said to have revoked the Order’s “papers” has been discredited as a homo hack – even if he did what he is said to have done , the Spirit does not recognize his action as valid.

    You will have to ask Mother Lillie ? Only Francis can “revoke” the papers by his own word or decree ( which he has not done – in effect the Order is ALIVE by His Spirit ).

    Thanks be to God !!! Mother Lillie and The Trinitarians of Mary have been vindicated .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

  2. What kind of man goes after nuns? One that admires and imitates the French Revolution that is what kind. When are Catholics, even and especially Traditional Catholics, going to grasp that Bergoglio is an antipope, a precursor to the antichrist, a complete apostate and a dedicated servant of Satan? In conjunction with Betgoglio I have never used either the word “pope” or the name “Francis,” and never ever will.

    1. I am persuaded absolutely that until faithful Catholics vociferously repudiate Bergoglio and his clique of perverts who pretend to have apostolic authority, we will not be delivered from the malice of the Vatidrool Council and all its accurséd works. Why would God delivered people who, like the talking beasts in Narnia in the Last Battle, willingly believe that the ape Shift speaks for Aslan?

  3. Another “ho-hum” BUT shameless barefaced attack
    against the TRUE Faith ! Frankie is definitely on “a roll”
    . . MORE than that:

    The Vatican’s “Apostolic” visitations are blatantly anti
    Christ ! Members of each of these centuries-PROVEN
    Religious Orders ARE called to live the Charism of
    that Order FOR THE SAKE OF CHRIST and HIS
    Church ! “By Him, through Him, in Him, and with Him.”

    Cancel that and —but of course! —vocations dry up!
    But Christ NEVER cancels whom He as chosen; a
    CANDIDATE can and may compromise her/ his vocation,
    fro whatever reasons, but whole-sale shut-downs of
    faithful, healthy communities ??

    At this “stage” of his pontificate —yes, Bergoglio’s
    IS an agenda! —it is impossible to ignore its
    trajectory: a remote lead-up to the appearance of
    THE Antichrist.

    St. Joseph, terror of demons, pray for us.

    St. Joseph, Protector of Holy Mother Church,
    arm us with the weapons of Heaven to withstand
    these hostile Demonic attacks !

    1. Postscript: speaking for myself, the two weapons
      from Heaven which “work” for sure are the Rosary,
      and personal consecration to St. Joseph [ and
      to Our Lady ]. Preparation and handbook for such
      consecration are ready-made in Father Don
      Calloway’s book: Consecration To St. Joseph.

      From the Catechism Of The Catholic Church:

      How do Christ and His Spirit act in the hearts
      of the Faithful?

      “Christ communicates His Spirit and the grace
      of God through the SACRAMENTS to all the
      members of the Church, who thus bear the
      fruits of the NEW LIFE of the Spirit. The Holy
      Spirit is also the Master of PRAYER.”
       —Compendium #146


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