4 thoughts on “A New Novus Ordo Mass?

  1. We also know that in 1968 the sacrament of Holy Orders was changed even before the Novous Ordo was created, with the help of six protestant ministers. Having said that, even though Pope Benedict XVI changed the words of the consecration back to the original form to appease the conservative Novous Ordo Catholics, continuing mass of the same Novous Ordo Missae (and Still acting as one presiding over the people and offering the sacrifice on a table instead of an altar stone) I would still have doubt it’s validity, especially if one doubts the Validity of these Holy Orders post 1968.

  2. Question, Anthony, what words of consecration for our Lord’s precious blood were used in Argentina at the mass resulting in the Eucharistic miracle that then Archbishop Bergoglio confirmed?

  3. The change from Many to All in the consecration is another egregious example of ambiguity introduced to Catholicism since Vatican II. The concern about this will be limited to those Catholics who care about such things—a minuscule number. These Catholics, myself included, will bemoan such actions but do basically nothing.

    After all, we have had the Vatican II Protestantization of the Church for over 50 years and have done little more than establish blogs and news outlets to decry it all. This is something but not the action that needs to be taken.

    What needs to be done in my opinion is an Underground Catholic Church must be established, with a stand-in orthodox “Pope” like Archbishop Vigano placed in charge, until such time as the official, but now heretical Catholic Church, can be reformed.


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