A Heretic Pope Automatically Loses His Office, Says Senior Vatican Cardinal

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Cardinal Mueller is back, repeating St Robert Bellarmine’s teaching on the papacy.







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4 thoughts on “A Heretic Pope Automatically Loses His Office, Says Senior Vatican Cardinal

  1. We are way past Jorge being just a heretic. Anything or anyone that’s not for Christ is anti-Christ. You have to be on fire for the Lord or you will be lost! Pray for his conversion, as long as there is breath, there is hope! Jesu, via et vita nostra!

    1. Very important point, Charles. That’s why our family continue to pray daily for Francis.
      Sensus Fidelium is the TRUE sense of the Faith, living in those of the Laity remain
      faithful to the Church’s Faith. And all manner of Lay men and women have been, and
      continue to, say so in plainly honest ways, from the floor so to speak. To which the
      Hierarchy had better pay heed! HOPE as long as there is breathe. Amen! . . which is
      also straight from Feast of Divine Mercy.

  2. Regarding the phrase and reality of “synodal process”: yeah, but you beat
    them to it, Anthony. You conclude EACH of your Podcasts with: “Let me
    know what you think (about all this in the comments, please) . . ”

    That is THE “synodal” question.

    Offical synodalists ask the generic believer AND unbeliever with NOTHING
    up front to respond to but SUBJECTIVE perceptions and feelings, whether
    from just three minutes ago or three, or thirty, years ago.

    Your “incremental” day-by-day deliveries are, by contrast, real-time REAL,
    whereas “official teams” have to sort through mountains of “takes” on a
    virtually infinite assortment of topics. A ReturnToTradition podcast ISN’T
    “synodal”, neither by intent nor in effect. Rather RTT is anchored, “boots
    on (real) ground”, in the ordinary, level-headed give-and-take of evidence-
    based debate FREELY offered by listeners in the discussion at hand.

    Here are a couple or three reliable “principles” from History:

    “God .. at sundry times and in divers manners spoke to the
    fathers by the prophets, and pointed out to them IN A MANNER
    direct path to the happiness of Heaven.” —Catechism of the
    Council of Trent FOR PARISH PRIESTS: Introduction. [ seems
    like these days Heaven and its pre-supposed ETERNITY have
    been “thrown under the bus”, and an “eternal” WRANGLING
    has become the chosen gritty EARTHLY paradise ! ]

    “He who labours AS HE PRAYS lifts his heart to God with
    his hands.” —St. Bernard.

    ” (His Catechisms) were used not only in the schools as a
    spiritual milk for the children, but they were also explained
    publicly to the benefit of all. Thus, DURING THREE CENTURIES
    Canisius has been regarded as the teacher of Catholics
    in Germany. In popular speech, KNOWING CANISIUS was
     —Tradivox, volume 9/ Canisius.

    I clearly recall my Mom quoting a line from her time of learning
    the Faith (in Holland) competing with and challenging fellow
    students: “Do you know your CANISIUS ??”

    Better dust off your St. Peter Canisius, you synodalistas!

    Keep on your garlic-laced chicken soup, Anthony! Everybody’s
    got coughs and colds around here as well.

  3. As Christ Himself stated in a very clear statement to the faithful which, by the way includes the Pope:
    “Let your YES BE YES AND YOUR NO BE NO.” Sadly over the many decades of constant theological debate which in many ways and from many sources has become a quagmire of controversy, manipulation, confusion AND LAWLESSNESS. This is and I believe will become, such a debate. Christ was never ambiguous in His teaching. We, on the other hand, because we are all sinners, including the Pope, have hidden agendas that we, especially if we hold positions of great power and control, are always looking for loopholes which is what happened at V2 in what approved prophecy is named the “Evil Council”. This is what has become of the church of “what’s happening now”. I’ll be praying for Cardinal Brandmueller; He needs the prayers of the faithful desperately because he has raised an essential question which must be answered before the Church of Christ is no longer HIS ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH.


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