A Healing Miracle At World Youth Day!

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I’m comfortable calling this a miracle, given the circumstances.





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3 thoughts on “A Healing Miracle At World Youth Day!

  1. Please quit referring to Francis as holy father. There is not one thing holy about this fake Pope.

    1. I believe strongly that until people who desire to be truly faithful & Catholic REFUSE en masse to call him “pope” or “Holy Father”, God will not deliver us from his blasphemies and tyranny.

  2. Anthony, from a WW II cradle Catholic, the “reading” of
    this event is obvious:

    1/ It happened in FATIMA, not in Lisbon whose Cardinal
    headed this WYD with: “The intention is NOT to bring
    young people to Christ” [ ! ]

    2/ Instead, Christ MERCIFULLY brings HIS MOTHER
    to His errant Cardinal through through the Holy Sacrifice
    of the Mass and the Consecrated Host received.

    3/ The blind teen, along with friends, had planned a
    traditional CATHOLIC novena [ nine days ], petitioning
    OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS [ feast day Aug. 5 ] for
    the restoration of her eyesight.

    4/ Faithful to their prayer of petition for each of the nine
    days, the young lady’s sight IS fully restored on the
    LAST DAY, i.e., on the Feast of Our Lady of the Snows
    . . “in the blink of an eye” (literally!), after receiving
    Jesus Himself in Holy communion !


    How appropriate that, through this gift from Heaven,
    it happened IN FATIMA [ with all its historical and
    theological memories and associations, especially
    its clarion call to “Pray the Rosary” ! ], and NOT in
    Lisbon, where the leading Cardinal, in true
    Bergoglian fashion, affirmed that this WYD was all about
    “accompaniment” and not about bringing young people

    So, a teen aged girl’s LIVING FAITH has her blindness
    changed to FUL SIGHT —surely a “non-judgemental”
    Smile from Heaven — for A L L to ( ALSO ) see !

    Yes, you as well, Francis. Am so glad that you too were
    praying your Rosary.


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