Cardinal Ottaviani’s Secret Letter On The Spirit Of Vatican 2

The problems after the Council began immediately, almost as if the errors of the Council were to blame and not their implementation. They were so widespread that the Cardinal felt he had to act. Audio: Video: Source:

Francis Celebrates Sins That Cry Out To Heaven For Vengeance

First, he praises Pastor Jimmy Martin, next he praises New Ways Ministry, and now he praises their heretical cofounder. Audio: Video: Sources:

Bishop Athanasius (and bonus): Francis Must Stop His War On Tradition

In the audio only link below is the bonus letter that’s just way too much for YouTube. Enjoy. Audio: Video: Sources:

The Great Evil Of The Modernists: The Unfathomable Desecration Of Our Treasures

The Modernists are afraid. They know that they are going to lose. So what are they doing now? Destroying the intellectual treasures of the faith so that they won’t fall into the hands of Traditional Catholics. Modernist is the synthesis of all heresies. Never forget that. Audio: Video: Sources: GK Chesterton “The Everlasting Man”

Rome Has Admitted Rupture and Schism Are Already Here

They admit they changed the Church. Audio: Video: Sources: