The Diabolic Assault On Normal Catholics Has Begun

The official papal biographer spends his time going after his neighborhood parish for not kowtowing to traditionis custodes. Why? Audio: Video: Sources: Day after Rome makes clear Tridentine Mass should not be offered on a parish schedule as an alternative to the reformed, universal Mass, the parish priest of Ledbury, also @latinmassuk chaplain,Continue reading “The Diabolic Assault On Normal Catholics Has Begun”

Bishop Athanasius Schneider Speaks: We Must Defend Tradition and Resist Modernism

The wicked in positions of power may hold offices and can pass laws, but if they are unjust you have no duty to submit to them. Audio: Video: Sources:

BREAKING: Cardinal Cupich BANS The Latin Mass For Easter

Many of us predicted this and no one is bragging about being right Audio: Video: Sources: St John Cantius’ response: Bishop Schneider on the SSPX: Bishop Schneider on the SSPX https://

One Group Of Priests Is Resisting Francis and Roche

They’re statement is one of hope and a promise of future struggle. Audio; Video: Sources:

Francis Is Going To Silence Traditional Catholics

A change to the Code of Canon Law was made that virtually no one noticed is going to cause a lot of woe. Audio: Video: Sources: Further viewing: The Ottaviani Intervention:

Catholic Leaders Call For Resistance To Francis’ Latest Evil Decree

Do not submit, do not go quietly into the night. Audio: Video: Sources: https://

Our Lady, Scourge of Demons

The simplest Marian devotion has quite the history Audio Video Source Demon monkey further reading: Pious practice: FROM: Practice: Recite morning and evening, three Hail Marys in honor of the three great privileges bestowed upon Our Blessed Mother by the most Blessed Trinity with this invocation at the end: for the morning: “O myContinue reading “Our Lady, Scourge of Demons”