The Vatican Is Worried About The Consequences Of Its Evil Actions

Traditionis Custodes isn’t exactly the most popular policy released by the Vatican, and now some cardinals in Rome are worried. Audio: Video: Sources: https://www.

Audio Only Bonus and Regular Episode

Too hot for YT, that’s for sure Audio: Video: Sources: YT sources: Audio Only sources: https://www.

A Bishop Finally Defends The Faith Against The Callous Modernists

Apparently some bishops want to do actually important and good things instead of fighting Francis’s culture war for him. Audio: Video: Sources: Click to access 2021-10-19_Bishops-Decree_Implementation-of-Traditionis-Custodes.pdf

Update: Philadelphia Carmelites May Be Suppressed

The news for the Carmelites in Philadelphia isn’t good. Audio: Video: Sources:

Francis’s Hirelings Are Mad That Traditionis Custodes Is Being Ignored

The laity continue to cling to the faith of our fathers. This gets the Modernists all flustered. Audio: Video: Sources:

Benedict Reacts To Traditionis Custodes

We now know the opinion of the retired pontiff’s on the destruction of his landmark accomplishment. Audio: Video: Sources: Bishop Schneider with Steve Bannon (unbreak the lifesite link, WordPress hates them) https://www.

Cardinal James Martin: Will Francis Really Go That Far?

The rumors started late last week and carried over into the weekend. Audio: Video: Sources:

Francis: Do Not Cling To The Rigid Certainties Of The Faith

You know, I saw a stat recently that says that most Catholics in America approve of the job Francis is doing. That’s the biggest blackpill of all blackpills I think. Audio: Video: Sources: