Francis’s Favorite Priests Praise Evil While The Mass Bans Continue

Yesterday there was an uploading error, where the podcasting side of things (Apple, Spotify, etc) all got today’s episode somehow and YouTube got a different one. The audio link here is for yesterday’s audio only episode. Audio: Video: Sources:

Francis’s Fantastic Falsehoods About The Mass

More lies coming from the top about the Mass and why it “needs” to be abrogated. Maybe one day they’ll get tired of lying. Audio: Video: Sources:

The Church Is About To Be Forever Changed AND Texas bonus

The news is grim these days, and the wrath of God is on display for those with eyes to see. Audio BONUS (includes regular Synod story at the end): (copy and paste the audio link into a browser, the embedder is malfunctioning): Video (Synod only): Sources: Synod Sources: Texas Sources:

Saturday Bonus: Where Are The Bishops Of Courage?

Due to the FSSP and ICKSP bending the knee story that came out on Friday, my original video for that is being published today (Saturday) due to it being too timely to wait. Normally I wouldn’t publish a news story on a Saturday. Audio: Video: Regular Saturday video: Sources:

They’ve Started Coming For The Tradition-Friendly Seminaries & VIGANO BONUS

The embedded audio link is for the too-hot for YouTube link to Vigano’s latest letter on the linkage between the New World Order, the Poke, and Pachamama, among other things. Vigano Bonus: Today’s Video: Sources: VIGANO LETTER TEXT: