Month: July 2021

No, Francis Is Not Going To Resign The Papacy

There are some stupid rumors going around. The Curia may turn on him, sensing he is vulnerable, but the idea that he will resign is laughably stupid. Audio: Video: Sources:,nv,elem,se

Francis Expected To Return To Build The Ape of the Church (and audio only bonus)

Okay folks, so here’s today’s audio only bonus, titled “They’re Coming For Your Children.” Even if you think you’ve heard this story I have details others haven’t bothered to report on. Audio bonus: Audio Bonus: Francis:

The Part Of The Vatican Financial Story No One Is Talking About

There are some weird links between Cardinal Becciu and his legal troubles to the cover ups of the Fatima message, the St Gallen Mafia, and all the rest of it. Is Becciu just a fall guy? Audio: Video: Sources:

Time Is Running Short For Francis

Pope Francis is in the hospital and his doctors haven’t exactly said things that would inspire hope in his supporters. Pray for him even if you don’t like him at all. Audio: Video: Sources:

BREAKING: Father James Altman Has Been Removed From Active Ministry

Bishop Callahan finally actually did it. Audio: Video: Sources:,on%20the%20Eucharist.

Saturday Extra: Saving Your Soul In This Demonic World: Going Deeper Into Mental Prayer (w/Br Andre Marie)

A few days ago I was interviewed by Br Andre Marie of the Crusade Channel for his radio show, and we discussed mental prayer and the difficulties in pursuing sanctity in our modern world. Check it out in the embedded player below or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, or any major Podcasting platform. Audio: Plus …

Francis Fully Backs The German Modernist Synods

The autodemolition of the Church and the construction of its Ape is fully endorsed by Francis. The Cardinal Marx mess was all theater. Audio: Video: Sources: