Month: July 2021

Francis May Shatter The Church

Francis’s endless Synods are aimed at turning the Church into the Anglican Communion, centered on a Modernist pope who will institute and protect the worst kinds of theological abuses of the faith. Audio: Video: Sources:

Pope Benedict XVI Breaks His Silence

Nice of the “pope emeritus” to speak out on the German Bishops. I just wish he’d let us know what he really thinks about Francis undoing his landmark work. Audio: Video: Sources:

Guest Submission: The End of an Era: How Summorum Pontificum Fulfilled the “Experiment in Tradition”

By Aaron Borgerding The “Hot Summer” of 1976 in Europe was marked by record setting temperatures and little rain. Ironically, it was also a “Hot Summer” in the Church which dealt with rising tensions between Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and his Society of St. Pius X and the “Conciliar” Church headed by Paul VI. The “Lefebvreists”, …

Bishop Athanasius Schneider & The SSPX Strike At Francis

The mild mannered Bishop Athanasius Schneider (the auxiliary bishop of Kazakstan) and the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) have made separate statements about Francis suppressing the Latin Mass that are eerily similar. Audio: Video: Sources:

Many Bishops Are Openly Rejecting Francis’s Motu Proprio

Here comes the resistance. Audio: Video: Sources:

They’re Already Trying To Get Rid Of Francis

When you’re lost your biggest supporters, something has gone wrong. Audio: Video: Sources: