Month: June 2021

Pope Francis Supports James Martin’s Evil Programs

Francis wrote a letter to Pastor Jimmy Martin of the Jesuit Church and had it published on the Vatican’s website, and it expressed in no uncertain terms his support for the sodoheretic priest’s programs. Audio: Video: Sources:

Francis Takes On The Mean Trads Again

Pope Francis has made a brand of going after the meanie, poo-poo headed traditional Catholics who are so mean and rigid for wanting the faith of our fathers. And he goes after us precisely for that reason. Audio: Video: Souces:

Big Update: St Peter’s Basilica and the Restrictions on the Mass

Mauro Cardinal Gambetti issued an update to the restrictions on the Mass and provided what he calls ‘clarification’ on what was issued in March that caused such a stir. Audio: Video: Sources:

The USCCB Faces An Uphill Battle For The Eucharist

That meeting of the Bishops last week was so huge that it will take at least 2 videos to really talk about. Here’s part 1, with part 2 coming tomorrow. Audio: Video: Sources: