Meet The Bishop Who Will Suppress The Latin Mass

The Congregation for Divine Worship has a new Bishop who doesn’t think the Novus Ordo has been implemented yet and that the Bishops have a divine duty to implement the new Mass. EDIT: here is Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s rebuttal to the claims that the SSPX are in schism Audio: Video: Sources:

Pachamama Is Back For Pentecost

Pachamama returns in the form of bizarre rituals seen at parishes in various parts of the world on Pentecost Sunday, as well as the devotion to environmentalism that was a key message of Pentecost. Audio (today’s episode): Audio bonus: Bishops Document: Video: Sources:

Profaning The Eucharist Is Schismatic

While certain bishops dither away on meaningless attacks on traditionalists, the bishops enabling the profaning of the blessed sacrament are engaged in a horrifying act of schism from magisterial authority by allowing unrepentant public sinners and heretics to profane the eucharist. Video: Audio: Sources: