The Third Secret of Fatima: Why It Was Never Fully Revealed

One Cardinal who knew Pope John XXIII assures us that the Third Secret of Fatima probably had little to do with Russia directly. Video: Audio: Sources:

Cupich & Francis Strike Again

Dare we hope that our bishops will try to save Joe Biden’s soul instead of coddling his heresy? Video: Audio: Sources: Vatican intervention Marco Tosatti: Cupich statement CNA: National Catholic Distorter

Did This Priest Have A Vision of the Three Days of Darkness

It turns out that the priest isn’t the official exorcist of his diocese but likely has faculties from the bishop, which isn’t much of a difference. Video: Sources:

New Sacraments & The Garden of Saints

This has been a busy week, but there were stories missed due to the madness. Video: Audio: Sources:

Malachi Martin Was Right

Q and the Deep State were a distraction from what was really going on, and has been for some time: what Malachi Martin called The Superforce. Video: Audio: The list of real life counterparts to the characters in the novel: Sources: Novel: Vatican, by Malachi Martin Book: The Keys of This Blood, by MalachiContinue reading “Malachi Martin Was Right”

Vigano: Francis and the Ape of the Church

Archbishop Vigano is saying that the false Church of Prophecy is upon us, being built at the dictates of the sanity dictatorship as a direct consequence of Vatican 2. See the Vigano post from yesterday for the full uncensored letter on alternative platforms. Video: Audio: Sources: