Month: December 2020

Pope Francis Unveils Partnership With The Beast

As the world leaders get ready to impose a Great Reset on our lives, Francis unveils his Guardians of Inclusive Capitalism Program, which is central to this plot. Plus, Bishop Schneider has a related message about the moral licitness of using a vaccine made from aborted babies. Bishop Schneider audio: Bishop Schneider video: Pope …

Vigano: Pope Francis Has Betrayed Christ The King

Archbishop Vigano said this was an introduction or reflection for the feast of the Immaculate Conception. It’s a pretty spicy reflection for this holy day of obligation, all things considered. Video: Youtube (more of a summary, live at 2:15am CST): Odysee (letter): Bitchute (Letter): Audio (letter): Sources:

Marie Julie Jahenny & The Christmas Star

I was asked to go over the news of the first appearance of the Christmas Star in 800 years, which will be happening just before Christmas this year. Video: Audio: sources: Marie Julie Jahenny book: We Are Warned