The Vatican Offers The Public A Meaningless Distraction

The media is touting this as reform but please be realistic. Video: Audio: Sources:

Francis Is Using St Joseph To Undermine The Sacraments

Amoris Laetitia is what we’re supposed to reflect on during the year of St Joseph? That’s brazen. Video: Audio: Sources:

Another Francis Instagram Story? It’s A Distraction

Apparently Pope Francis’s Instagram account “liked” another porno picture. This is causing scandal. What it really is doing is distracting people from another story. Video: Audio: Sources: Instagram Story (contains NSFW image)

Pope Francis Surrenders His Altar To Pachamama

The papal altar in St Peter’s Basilica has been abandoned sometime after the Pachamama incident last fall. No big deal, right? video: Audio: Sources:

Victory For The Church! But Where Are The Bishops?!

This is why we can’t have nice thanks. But thank you to Christopher Ferrara for standing up for the Church. Video: Audio: Sources:

Francis Ally: Humans Must Go!

Leonardo Boff says that human beings are the problem, and that there needs to be far fewer of us. He’s a former priest and friend of Pope Francis who says the pope inspired his latest book, which makes that genocidal assertion. Video: Audio: Cardinal Burke on COVID19 and the Great Reset: Vigano: Christmas and COVID19Continue reading “Francis Ally: Humans Must Go!”