Marie Julie Jahenny: Devotional Prayers

For today’s video, these prayers were a little too spicy for YouTube. Remember, these have been approved by her ordinary. Video: Litany of the Passion: A Prayer of Reparation before the Blessed Sacrament Oh my very dear Jesus, what brought You to suffer for us a mortal Agony in the Garden of Olives: It isContinue reading “Marie Julie Jahenny: Devotional Prayers”

Bishop Barron and Ted McCarrick: USCCB2020

They barely talked about Ted McCarrick, but Bishop Barron had some typically brain-dead ideas for #USCCB2020. video: audio: Sources:

New USCCB Doctrine Chief Is Quite The Guy

If you like heterodoxy and modernism, that is. Also, I’ll be live with Trad Patrick over on Rights & Duties at 10am CST. Our guest will be Kennedy Hall and the topic will be authentic masculinity and authentic femininity. Video: (live at 2:15am CST). Audio: Sources:

Be Ready For The Mass To Go Away Again

Mass on TV again? Sure, why not, right? That’ll be the attitude of most Catholics. Video: Audio: Sources: