Month: October 2020

Vigano: Trump Stands Against The Great Reset Plans Of The New World Order

Vigano has a new letter that I am in no way putting up on YouTube. I am testing two YouTube alternatives with this letter. Links to the letter on those alternatives are below. Rumble: Odysee: The Letter:

The Truth About The Origins of The New Mass Finally Confirmed

Annibale Bugnini was a freemason. There is now testimony from multiple sources on this. That should be big news but it was buried in all the hullaballoo recently. Go figure. Video: Audio: Sources:

Cardinals Burke and Muller Respond To Francis’s Chaotic Statement

The number of bishops responding in the way we’d want is growing, but so is the number who are accepting this change of Church teaching, as are the numbers who are saying ‘no, he didn’t really say THAT!’. It’s all so tiresome. Video: Audio: Sources:

A Year Ago Pachamama Swam The Tiber

And it was glorious. We need a sequel. Video: Audio: Sources:

Vigano Says Francis Has Lost the Faith

His statement – and it is Vigano’s assessment, not mine — is based off of something both he and Bishop Schneider noticed about Fratelli Tutti. Video: Audio: Sources: