Cardinal Becciu Vindicates Vigano

Sorry for the delay in getting this out today. Video: Audio: Sources:

Vigano’s Spicy 2 Letters

Vigano released two letters that would offend the delicate sensibilities of Youtube, so I put them elsewhere. Audio: Video: Sources:

Vigano: Vatican 2 Is An Idol and Muslims Do Not Worship God

As you can guess, this is WAY too much for YouTube. However, on YouTube is a video explaining the concepts of the hermeneutic of continuity and the hermeneutic of rupture, so that’s linked below as well. Video: Hermeneutic of Continuity and Vigano (yes, I know what the thumbnail says): Video: Vatican 2 is an IdolContinue reading “Vigano: Vatican 2 Is An Idol and Muslims Do Not Worship God”

Shownotes Monday-Wednesday of this week

I was away from home for the first couple of days this week and wasn’t able to post my shownotes for the previous episodes. They’re below with today’s episode “A Tale of Two Bishops”. Monday: Video: Sources: Tuesday: Video: Sources: Wednesday: Video: Audio: Sources: