Month: September 2019

Guest Submission: We Are All Heretics

WE ARE ALL HERETICS By Sergio Dominguez EDITOR’S NOTE: The author of this piece, Mr. Dominguez, was hoping that anyone interested in translating his documents in the future would email him at the following address. His native language is Spanish and this document was translated by Google. Few Catholics question that we are suffering …

Podcast Show Notes: Francis Has Accused Us Of Starting A Schism

By ‘Us’ I don’t mean a few traddy Catholic bloggers, vloggers, and internet personalities, either. I mean mostly Americans and those who think like us. I mean the traditionalists, and I don’t mean to suggest that the move to restore the faith is an American movement. That’s Francis’s characterization, not mine, and when a pope …

Podcast Show Notes: American Bishops and Communist Infiltration

I’m always astonished by those who call the notion of the infiltration of the Church by Communist agents a ‘conspiracy theory.’ People like that aren’t to be trusted because they’re either willfully blind to what’s going on or frankly enjoying the direction of the Church and oppose our efforts to reassert the true faith.