Preparing For The Amazon Synod Part 2: Sustainable Development

This video was a brief overview of sustainable development and sustainability and how they influenced the coming Synod and indeed the entire Francis pontificate. The sources listed below are from the numerous courses on the subject I’ve taken on the issue in my doctoral program in public policy. The list isn’t by any means comprehensive.

Podcast Show Notes: Cardinal Sarah: We Have Cast Aside God

It’s a big claim, but where’s the lie? What do we hear from our coreligionists and what do we hear from the priests and even the pope today? That to be a good Catholics means being a fighter for social justice and climate change and carbon taxes and the rest of it. There’s so littleContinue reading “Podcast Show Notes: Cardinal Sarah: We Have Cast Aside God”

On The Divine Mercy Devotion

by Anonymous Disclaimer: The following submission doesn’t necessarily represent the thoughts and opinions of the owner of this blog. They are purely those of the original author. A lot of Catholics are not aware of the promotion of a devotion from Poland prior to the Helena Kowalski (Sister Faustina) “messages”. The Mariavites were a groupContinue reading “On The Divine Mercy Devotion”

Pope Francis: Man Must Obey The UN

by David Martin 2000 years ago, Christ instituted the Roman Catholic Church with the commission that it enlighten all peoples on the path of salvation and provide a sure means of attaining it. As Christ sees it, the Roman Catholic Church is the one central world authority to which all peoples should be subjugated.