Podcast Show Notes: August Good News, part 2

You know, I’ll never figure out YouTube’s monetization guidelines. My video for yesterday on Benedict XVI’s response to some heretic was deemed not suitable for advertisers by manual review. But I can do a video on much more controversial topics and it’s just fine. I’ll never figure this out and they don’t make it easy, either. I suspect the review is subject to the bias of the reviewer, and if they’re either an anti-Catholic or a Modernist (but I repeat myself), then the review goes poorly. Anyway, end rant.

The Remnant article I cited is actually about trying to unite the clans. It’s good and I applaud Michael Matt for it but I do wish that it would be extended past the more mainstream factions of the traditional Catholic movement..

The story on seminarians by George Weigel is from a source I rarely cite, the Catholic World report, though I don’t omit them on purpose. It’s just hard to keep the mainstream Catholic news sources straight sometimes.


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