Guest Submission: The Timeline

Disclaimer: Guest articles represent the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this site owner or any affiliated staff.   By The Commander The Timeline. Demographics are the driver for the eventually societal and financial collapse that will come.  For instance, the next time the Democrats/DemonRats win the presidency andContinue reading “Guest Submission: The Timeline”

Guest Submission: Is Biblical Literalism Catholic?

By Bill Crofut Some Protestants have been given a label outside my previous experience: “…[T]he Reformers were…“voluntarist” (emphasis mine) as theologians [who] willingly accorded to God the freedom to be unreasonable and inconsistent…God…starts by creating creatures with reason, then He has them use their reason to investigate the nature that He has created, and finallyContinue reading “Guest Submission: Is Biblical Literalism Catholic?”

Podcast Show Notes: August Good News, part 2

You know, I’ll never figure out YouTube’s monetization guidelines. My video for yesterday on Benedict XVI’s response to some heretic was deemed not suitable for advertisers by manual review. But I can do a video on much more controversial topics and it’s just fine. I’ll never figure this out and they don’t make it easy,Continue reading “Podcast Show Notes: August Good News, part 2”

Podcast Show Notes: Benedict XVI Speaks Again On the Crisis (sort of)

Four months ago, Benedict XVI broke his silence to speak on the crisis in the Church. As you can imagine that went over….poorly, with those who idolize Francis. For some reason, a Modernist decided to respond to his document this past week, and Benedict himself responded to the response.

Guest Submission: The Tears of the Queen: A Canticle of Mary

A Canticle and Admonition inspired by closely reading the Holy Gospel According to Luke and the writings of Saint Augustine and John of the Cross By John C. Evans I heard a voice crying in the night, The voice of one bereaved for love, as if crowned in a halo of healing tears, And whileContinue reading “Guest Submission: The Tears of the Queen: A Canticle of Mary”

Podcast Show Notes:The Amazon Synod Is A Threat To Western Civilization

No, that’s not meant to be click bait. It’s an honest assessment of a working document for a Synod that is telling the western world to adopt the ontology of the primitive peoples of the Amazon, the same peoples who bury baby girls alive because they wanted a baby boy to be born instead.

Guest Submission: The 54 Day Novena of Novena’s in print out

This is pretty simple but very useful: a printable guide to the 54 Day Novena of Novena’s, divided by the prayers you’ll say for the mysteries of the Rosary, with a guide to which mystery category you’ll do on each day. Thanks to Gabriel for sending this to me.   54-days novena

Guest Submission: Meditations on the foot of the Cross: A Psalm of Deliverance

By John C. Evans (John’s work can be found here). When all my troubles stand as night, Before the threshing floor of my dreams, When dusk beats grimly on my brow And for my faults, my spirit burrows through fields of harrowing, You, who bear in your palms the living scars Which purchased for meContinue reading “Guest Submission: Meditations on the foot of the Cross: A Psalm of Deliverance”