Podcast: The Material Gospel of Pope Francis

The coming meeting between Acronym Activists and the Holy Father is going to be a train wreck.

Between telling the Catholics in Morocco that they can ignore the Great Commission and his coming meeting with Acronym Activists (and the speech he’s going to do after), it’s very easy to become black pilled about the state of things. Don’t let yourself be pushed to the point of despair.






2 thoughts on “Podcast: The Material Gospel of Pope Francis”

  1. I’m sorry; black pilled? I don’t know what that means. I know red pilled now, but not any other kind of pilled.

  2. To be black pilled means that you see things as being bad and only going to get worse with no end in sight. The black pilled position pretty much asserts that hope is lost. I don’t have that perspective per se (because we know Who wins in the end) but you can get into that kind of mindset temporarily

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