Guest editorial: An Open Letter To Parish Priests and Bishops

Editor’s Note: Guest editorials/articles are the opinion of the author only, and do not reflect the opinions or positions of the staff of this blog. by Justin Trefney I’m writing to you today on behalf of myself, my family and many Catholics who have spoken with me over the last few weeks. I’d like toContinue reading “Guest editorial: An Open Letter To Parish Priests and Bishops”

Podcast: Diminishing Expectations For The Bishops Abuse Meeting

I suppose we shouldn’t expect much, right? Given that the accusation is that the powers that be in the Vatican have known for decades about clerical abuse, the idea that the Vatican staffed by largely the same people changing things up and reforming themselves is a bit of a stretch.

Podcast: World Youth Day Gets Some ACRONYM Visitors

I suppose we shouldn’t be that surprised that those who lobby for heterodox and heretical views to be accepted by the Church would visit this gathering. After all, as I reported elsewhere, the Women’s Ordination Conference showed up at the Synod for the Corruption of the Youth last year, as did ACRONYM groups. Does WorldContinue reading “Podcast: World Youth Day Gets Some ACRONYM Visitors”

Podcast: Women’s Ordination Update, January 22, 2019

If the title suggests that I think Deaconesses are definitely coming, well, let’s just say that If things continue on the track that they are that I think we’ll all be singing ‘ordain a lady’ as we watch the Church get turned into a mockery of herself within 2 or 3 years, unless the LordContinue reading “Podcast: Women’s Ordination Update, January 22, 2019”

Podcast: Ecclesia Dei Commission Officially Suppressed

Traditional Catholics began hearing whispers of the suppression of Ecclesia Dei over a year ago, and many began to panic. It’s not the time to panic, at least not yet. But we should consider what happens if this does turn into an attempt to formally abrogate the Traditional Latin Mass, regardless of that being notContinue reading “Podcast: Ecclesia Dei Commission Officially Suppressed”