VIDEO: Profiles of the Lavender Mafia, Part 1: Cardinal Coccopalmiero

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Video: The Vatican Appoints A Familiar Face to Head Abuse Summit

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The True And False Meaning of ‘Social Justice’ (CRISIS MAGAZINE August 2016)

This article first appeared online in Crisis Magazine. — APS, RtT — American universities used to be a place where difficult ideas were encountered and built in biases challenged. The universities, an inspiration from the Catholic Church, were the home of diverse ideas that were meant to inspire wisdom in students in addition to the learningContinue reading “The True And False Meaning of ‘Social Justice’ (CRISIS MAGAZINE August 2016)”

Video: Traditional Catholics Are Alt-Right?!

We live in Clown World, Exhibit 9,476 Video:   Sources:

Article: The Civil War In The Catholic Church

I want to make my blog useful for more than merely citing sources used in my videos. To that end, I want to present articles I’ve written (and will write) for various other outlets, as well as produce some original material for this site only. This article first appeared in Oremus Newspaper, a small, familyContinue reading “Article: The Civil War In The Catholic Church”

Video: Pope Francis Wrecks the US Bishops Meeting in Baltimore

I almost feel sorry for Cardinal DiNardo   Video: Sources