Video: The (Alleged) Crimes of Pope Francis

Probably a part 1 of who knows how many, to be honest. In charity I say ‘alleged’ because this could be all some vast right wing conspiracy against the Pope loved by the World. I guess.   Video Sources

VIDEO: The Origins Of The Crisis In The Catholic Church, Part 1

It sounds like a conspiracy theory but this actually happened. Below you’ll find a transcript of congressional testimony and other research supporting my claim. Part 2 coming soon.

VIDEO: Cardinal Wuerl Must Resign

The Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report was released this past Monday and it makes clear that Cardinal Wuerl mus resign or be stripped of his episcopacy.     Sources The abuse of secrecy and the secrecy of abuse The bishops’ “Apalachin moment” has arrived

Video: Planned Parenthood is White Supremacy

Provocative assertion, yes, but it is the truth.     Sources Abortion for All: How the International Planned Parenthood Federation Promotes Abortion Around the World÷&query=Sanger&+.x=0&+.y=0&si=35439109

Video: Tommy Robinson Set Free

Tommy Robinson has been set free. It’s a victory for free speech but the ruling was done on technical grounds.       Sources: